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A tour of St. Peter's Church. December 15th, 1988

Recorded back in 1988 for Insurance purposes.   A GREAT look at every room of the church, with a bit of history thrown in as well. 

Christmas 1993

Children's Program

Service from July 2000

Enjoy the Service 

Rev Bizer's sons are here !

Watch 2 of Rev Bizer's sons come back to St. Peter's not  to preach for our Anniversary, they also reminisce of the days they spent here as children. 

Also sing Happy Birthday to Walter Minger.....is he 94 or 95 ? You be the judge.  

Rev Lambrecht returns to St. Peter's in 1992 !

Check out this great video

March 1, 1992

Kay McAbee, returns after being gone for 2 years and has a concert in the church. Sold tickets and also sold CDs of his music and now it is FREE for you. 

March 22, 1998

There is a Baptism

There is discussion on AIDS / HIV

There is a message

You will love this one !

March 15th, 1998

Video includes Sermon, Children's Program and Play.

  • Pastor David Pattee 
  • Assistant Pastor Paula Comper

Chelsea School Flood of 1990

When 'The Old' Chelsea School flooded with 10's of thousands of gallons of water, the school was unusable. St. Peter's United Church of Christ invited the children to use the Church as their school for a few month while the school was repaired. This is a brief video of that very first day at St. Peter's. 

length: 17 minutes

St. Peter's History Lesson

Ever wonder about St. Peters in Green Garden, or St. John's in Mokena ?  Watch THIS.

Ever wonder how we decided to build the old wooden church in 'Frankfort Station" ?  Watch THIS

Want to meet somebody who was confirmed in 1915 speak of her memories?  Watch THIS

Ever wonder about the strong box that was placed in the corner stone ?  Watch THIS

Lenght about 1 hour 15 minutes.    

1991 Organ Concert

Sit back and enjoy